Preparing for a Trek

So, I am leaving to go hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail for two months, tomorrow. For the last few months, I haven’t really been planning and thinking hard about the adventure. I believed things would all just fall into place. The last time I hiked (1,700 miles of the P.C.T.) I planned and planned and worried about where I would be on the trail, where to send food, if I was going to have enough clothes, what to expect at each moment, if I would make it; I planned everything and it really didn’t make any difference. As soon as you hit the trail, your plans go to shit.. you are at the mercy of mother nature.

So until about a week ago, I haven’t been doing much planning except for buying new gear, helping my mom to prepare some meals and making a music playlist to rock my world. Last week, I realized that I really am leaving soon and I should probably get all my stuff done. I still had to buy stakes for my tent, new sunglasses, a hat, figure out which pair of shoes I should wear (my Salomon Trail Runners or my Merrell breathable hiking boots), get my weeks’ worth of food together, clean out my car, clean my room, fix my tent, go to Sacramento and pack all my resupply boxes, and make breakfasts for those resupply boxes. I’m sure I am leaving out some things.. But anyways the point is that I love to procrastinate and in the end it just causes me to be running around in a hurry for an extended amount of time!

So I got to Sacramento and almost immediately began packing my boxes and evaluating my meals. My mom had dehydrated TONS of different veggies and sauces so that I will have wonderful lunches and dinners. I made a good amount of protein bars and granola mixes for most of my breakfasts. The protein bars included rolled oats, sunflower seeds, peanut butter, peanuts, protein power, coconut oil, maple syrup, agave, greek yogurt and a few other things that will give me a boost in the morning. We bought mylar bags that can be sealed with a straight iron for hair, and we also bought oxygen absorbers so the food stays fresh. I am super excited to taste all the different meals and I am happy to know that I will be eating much healthier than the last time I went on a long hike.


After putting all the food in the mylar bags, I had to then separate breakfasts from snacks (elk jerky and pumpkin pie) from dinners and lunches. Then I had to figure out how many days worth of food I would need for each resupply box and distribute them accordingly. It was all actually a lot of fun even though it was a lot of work.


I think it will all be worth the effort. I know it will.

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