Lost Coast, We Shall Meet Again

f3a7aa_bddd7f0a4d334155b029b6d3f32f0052For as long as I can recall, it’s been a goal of mine to backpack the complete Lost Coast Trail which is a 24 mile long trail located in Northern California near Arcata. With high winds and trail sections that get blocked off by the high tide, I’d have to say it’s quite the adventure. Unfortunately, I haven’t got the chance yet to finish it(lack of time), but I did get the chance to do 12 miles worth of it, which was a lovely experience.
      Because of preventable mishaps, we didn’t get to the trailhead the first night until dark, so we didn’t hike very far.. Luckily there are campsites approximately 0.2 miles from where we were parked and all we really had to do was set up our tents.. which wasn’t as easy as you may think considering the wildest winds I can remember ever being stuck in were occurring. It took two if not all three of us to set up both tents. Good thing we brought box wine!

f3a7aa_5f92e20af6df4b5a8f409ac2bb2f0ef1When we woke up, the ocean was astoundingly blue. Because we got there in the pitch black night, we really didn’t have any idea the view we would be able to wake up to. After a hot breakfast and a cup of the morning goods, we quickly got to hiking. I hadn’t ever backpacked on the coast besides one time many years ago, as a child, that I hardly remember. So being able to share the wilderness experience with my lover, Ocean, was hypnotizing. The trail took us up on the cliff’s edge, where you could easily get lost in imagining jumping, and floating over the cold water’s surface. Then we went down, under the canopy and got lost in the brilliance of being closed in by trees. Just when we thought we were lost forever in the shadows, the trees would open up and we’d be greeted by something new.

f3a7aa_9f24d34e04894eafb70f5c5a3529fcfbFor our second night, we camped at a site that I can’t recall the name of.. But it was lovely. We were right by a creek where we could filter water and be happy campers. If we wanted to touch the water, it was only a thirty second walk. We spent the day telling stories, exploring on our own, and meeting up again to enjoy the experience together. The next time I drive 6 hours north, I’m making damn sure I do the whole trail.

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